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How to become the Pied Piper of LinkedIn

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Having a nice LinkedIn profile isn’t much good if you don’t have traffic. How do you get traffic? Below I outline simple strategies to drive more traffic to your LinkedIn profile.

Job seekers in Ireland have most definitely been bitten by the LinkedIn bug. LinkedIn is proving to be a key ingredient for any successful job search recipe. Unfortunately many converted job seekers don’t achieve their desired results. Creating an impactful profile is important, but if potential employers/recruiters don’t view it, then it’s wasted time and energy. I guess it’s a bit like dressing up in your new dress on a Friday night and sitting in. You look great, but no one gets to admire your beauty.

Become the Pied Piper of LinkedIn

So how do you become the Pied Piper of LinkedIn? How do you attract traffic to your profile? Below I have outlined 5 simple tips

Attracting traffic from outside LinkedIn

Commenting on Blogs/Forums – When you comment on a forum or blog it is important to post your LinkedIn URL. Take a look at comments on my site and you’ll see many miss this opportunity.

Email signature – Place your LinkedIn URL on your email signature. When you send an email you are opening yourself up to potential viewers.

Business Cards – Print professional business cards using your LinkedIn URL as your website. This card can generate potential viewers from your real world networking activity.

Attracting traffic from inside LinkedIn

Group activity – If you post meaningfully comments in groups then other members will view your profile. A strong headline on your profile also helps. To be honest uneducated comment will deliver viewers but I don’t recommend this strategy. Do as I say and not as I do!!

Expanding your network – When you connect to a new person on LinkedIn their network is conveniently informed about this budding friendship. Curiosity = Visitor.

And finally if all else fails…..

Do you know what the Pied Piper has been working at since he left Germany? Why not take a look at his profile – Pied Piper LinkedIn Profile (He has rebranded himself as a dodgy career expert)