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Job Search – It sure is tough being the statue

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“Accept that some days you are the pigeon, and some days you are the statue.” David Brent

I work with many job seekers who feel they have monopoly rights on the role of “the statue”. One of their main job search frustrations – left hanging by recruiters/employers, without feedback, post job application or interview. Job seekers react to this in different ways, with many finding it difficult to move on. They develop an obsession, dedicating every waking hour to the quest for feedback. Others snap, and seek revenge, like the next story outlines.

From The New York Times Blog – A job seeker was invited for job interview by a Manhattan magazine. He interviewed with the HR Manager and Managing Editor. Following the interview he was asked to complete a test and return asap. Three months passed by, with numerous attempts to seek feedback, but no word. The job seeker finally snapped and sought revenge. He emailed the Managing Editor to say he had accepted the job, he was delighted to be joining the team and that he would report for duty early Monday morning. The three month cold shoulder ended. He was bombarded by urgent emails/voicemails demanding an immediate call to HR. He eventually called to come clean but not before giving a piece of his mind…

This story brought a smile to my face. I am sure it brought a smile to anyone who has had a similar experience. Nice to read, but I don’t promote revenge or stalking. Below I have outlined some advice for those feeling like a statue.

Complaining about the pigeon won’t help – I try to let go of negativity, because it has a direct impact on the achievement of my goals. When I hold onto negativity, I have an urge to tell others and complain. Most people I meet are turned off by blaming and complaining. If you find someone who wants to listen to your hard luck stories, you are hanging around with the wrong crowd. Job hunting success is determined by effective networking and engagement, which means negativity and complaining will hold you back.

Don’t waste time chasing pigeons – I have found myself in the role of stalker, spending hours chasing feedback from clients. I now realise that this was a waste of energy, and only served to frustrate me further. I must assume that the client received my message, after the 40 emails, 10 voicemails, 2 LinkedIn InMails, 1 postcard and 10 texts messages. I now ask myself – Can I put this energy to a better use? (like the next point)

Moving targets are harder to hit – I always tell myself that there is something bigger and better around the next corner (that hopefully doesn’t fall from the sky above :-)). It would be a great help to get feedback, but I don’t let lack of feedback hold me back. I keep moving!! I turn my focus to generating new opportunities. This means I have little time to dwell on hard luck stories. It dust myself down and move on.

Feel free to post your comments!! Don’t forget Measurability Careers & Jobs Club – a LinkedIn group with free advice for jobseekers on how to avoid pigeons :-). I will be presenting on Tue 17th Aug 9.30am @ National College of Ireland – “Get Creative and Get Hired!!” For more information Career Bootcamp 2.