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Facebook: More than just fun!!

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Facebook is the most popular social networking site in Ireland with approx 2 million users. Having said this, very few users are tapping into Facebook’s potential to assist with job search. Most people associate Facebook with pleasure and are reluctant to bring job search into this online world of fun. I believe it is possible to utilise Facebook for job search without sacrificing the fun. I have outlined some simple ideas to help you enhance your job search (without killing your FUN!!!!).


Clean up your profile – Take time to give your profile a spring clean. Examine your privacy settings to control access to your data.

Redirect traffic to your professional sites – Ensure you paste the URL link for your LinkedIn profile on your Facebook profile. For those with personal websites the same applies. This can redirect your friends into your professional world.

Help recruiters find you – Add your work history and education to your Facebook profile. You should consider making this information available to everyone via the privacy settings. This enables social savvy recruiters search and find you on Facebook.


Ramp up your efforts to grow the number of friends you have on Facebook. The more friends you have online the wider your reach. You can hunt out friends via the search facility or reviewing the “people you may know” prompts. You may also consider reviewing the friends list of your current friends.


Subtle Approach – Many people are uncomfortable asking for help. Try the subtle approach. Post updates that spell it out without actually saying it – “just back from a tough interview today” or “met a recruiter in town this morning”.

Direct Approach – You can also use the direct approach to ask for help – “Just letting you know that I am searching for an accounts assistant role in the Dublin City”.

Avoid spamming – Friends want to help you but they can’t help if they don’t know you need it. Friends can be forgetful – remind them!! Friends won’t like spam – avoid bombarding your them!!

Inject Humour – I love humour!! Promote your job search with a slice of humour. This will allow you to post often without the perception of spamming.

Showcase your skills/expertise – You can use the status update to showcase your skills or expertise. Share the link for a new website you designed or a useful article you wrote. Be careful of spamming.

Ask for advice – Asking for advice can help your job search. Questions like “Do you know anyone working in Google?”, “Do you know an agency that specialises in marketing?”, “Do you know where I can find some information about retail management?”.


Some Facebook users shy away from the spotlight and don’t utilise status updates. Facebook internal messages facilitates private 1-1 communications with your friends. Ask for help, seek advice, or share useful links.


Target companies you want to work for. You can access additional company information, increase your visibility, or communicate with the firm. Target companies that may assist your job search. Start with Measurability!!

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