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Career Bootcamp – “Get Creative & Get Hired”

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I presented to 200+ job seekers at the National College of Ireland this morning, as part of their annual Career Bootcamp. The subject was “Get Creative & Get Hired”. I’d like to thank Robert and Emma for asking me to participate in this worthwhile event.

The key objectives of the talk …

– To help job seekers accept the job market has changed. To help job seekers accept the job search strategies must change.

– To help inspire creativity in the job search.

– To outline creative strategies for targeting the advertised and unadvertised job markets.

– To talk for 1hr and 45 minutes without discussing CVs 🙂

I would like to thank all of the people who attended the event today. I had fun doing it, and hope you all took something away. Now – put this into action!! I thought the talk went well – did you?

Feel free to post your feedback and comments ….