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Phone Interviews | Preparation Tips

I have noticed a significant increase in the number of requests for help with phone interview preparation. WHY the increase in use as a recruitment tool? Because there are higher volumes of job applicants in Ireland and because there is an increasing volume of people seeking work outside Ireland. There is a misguided view that phone interviews are easier than face to face interviews because the human contact is removed and they are generally shorter. As a result many interviewees cut corners. BIG MISTAKE!! As with the face to face interview – PREPARATION IS KEY!!

Below are some quick points to help you prepare for phone interviews ……

Normal preparation – Phone interviews are normally a quick sifting tool prior to face to face interview. Phone interviews are used as a quick sift to confirm you are the person you say on paper (skills and experience) and “Do you want to work for us?” BE WARNED!! Don’t assume it will be short and prepare as you would for a normal face to face interview. Prepare questions to ask the interviewer but you may not get an opportunity to ask them at this stage.

Relocation Relocation – Phone interviews are often used to check out candidates prior to paying to fly them over for face to face. You have to convince that you are committed to relocate!! I have many examples where commitment to relocate was the key element of the phone interview.

Ensure you cheat – Have a copy of your CV, the job description, relevant notes and a pen/paper to take notes. You don’t have this luxury at a face to face interview but you do during a phone interview.

Communication – Phone interviews remove body language from the equation. This means you need to work harder with voice and actual words to communicate your message across. And try smiling before you pick up the phone.

General – Ensure you take the call in a location where you will not be disturbed – free from animals or crying children. Ideally take the call from a landline as mobiles can have a coverage issue. Ensure you are by the phone and have everything set up prior to taking the call!!

Good luck!!

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