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Interviews: Do you really know your CV?

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Many job interviews still fall into the traditional style. They are CV and job specification led. This makes it very important to know your CV inside out. I hear many of you saying that this all sounds a bit obvious. I agree, but I have yet to meet a job seeker who has mastered this point. Below I will help you understand and master 3 CV related interview questions.

Can you talk me through your CV?

Most job seekers struggle with this question. Where do I start? What do I talk about? How long to I talk for? Do I mention all my work experience/training? TIP!! Insert the words “relevant information” into the question. ANSWER “Can you talk me through the relevant information on your CV?” This action immediate cuts out a lot of the irrelevant information. It also helps redirect your focus towards the hiring manager and away from yourself.

Tell me about your current (or last) role?

TIP!! Talk about this role in terms of the job you are applying for. This requires a deep understanding of the job specification. Most job seekers outline the role in terms of how they see it. They give little consideration to the requirements outlined in the advertised job. Focus on relevant experience and achievements. Talk less about, or even ignore, irrelevant tasks and experience.

Why did you leave (or join) a company?

You have to prepare the story about how your career and personal development progressed to date. You must be able to explain the reasons for study choices and career moves (this includes redundancy). TIP!! Spend time perfecting this during preparation. A pause, a stumble or an uncomfortable moment can put a question mark over your application.

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