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Interview cheat to give you the edge …..

When I mention “interview cheats” it is automatically assumed that I am talking about lying at interview. I don’t promote lying at interview and I actually think it is a pointless exercise. If you want to get an edge over the competition then invest your energy in what I call “Investigative Googling” prior to interview.

The explosion of social media has enabled recruiters/employers do more research on applicants throughout the recruitment process. When you apply for a job you will be Googled or checked out on LinkedIn by the recruiter/interviewer. Have you ever thought about using this strategy to give you an edge during your job search? Perhaps you should start doing some “Investigative Googling”. Rather than researching the company (which is obviously important too) I am talking about researching the interviewers, recruiters or hiring managers.

I am a firm believer that people hire people and not skills and qualifications. The ability to do a job is important but so is the ability to fit into a team and get on with management. This makes your ability to build rapport with the interviewer during interview very important. How do you build rapport at interview? Research the interviewer and find common interests, experience, education, associations and memberships prior to your interview. Much of this information is freely available on a LinkedIn profile. The subtly bring this up during interview.

Start turning the tables at interview today. Check out interviewers online prior to interview and access powerful information to help give you an edge at interview. For more useful advice on INTERVIEWING join Measurability Careers & Jobs Clubon Linkedin or follow me on Twitter.

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