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Why the Christmas Break is great for Jobseekers

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Sometimes job seeking can be tough. Actually, it can be tough a lot of the time if we’re being truthful! But whilst you’re understandably anxious to get back into the world of work, make sure you take time to appreciate the festive break this year and enjoy the unique benefits you’ll experience without the pressure of the workplace.

Some things to ponder in the run up to Christmas:

• Christmas ‘allows’ you to take a break: Job seeking is a stressful time and often we feel we can’t rest or slow down for fear of missing an opportunity. All bets are off at Christmas time – no recruiter is going to be calling you and no new jobs will be published, so make sure to fully enjoy the break so you can begin 2012 recharged. Give in to the festive period – it’s a carte blanche to kick back!

• Christmas re-focuses us all: Being unemployed can be an overwhelming experience so what better way to unwind and rediscover what’s really important than by enjoying some time with family and friends? Allow yourself the luxury of enjoying the time you have this year. How many previous Christmases have you spent harried and frantic in December, to flop exhausted on the couch for the few days’ rest before getting back on the corporate treadmill? This year is a gift, enjoy it!

• Read for pure pleasure: Take a break from reading what you ‘should’ read (i.e., a business book, the business section or a business biography) give yourself a true holiday to recharge the mind and get the synapses sparkling again. Fiction is best for some lovely escapism!

• Know that the rest of the country is thinking of their career over Christmas too: Any break allows us to reflect and time away from work forces people to assess how they feel about their current situation, so January is a key time for people to move roles and more opportunities will open up. You’ve had time to consider your options and think about what’s the right next move for you, so you’ll be one step ahead come the New Year.

• Keep networking over the Christmas break: Your parents’ neighbour? Who knows what boards he sits on or who he plays golf with; drop round with some mince pies and have a chat. Friends home for Christmas? Find out about their career and industry (even if they’re based overseas, they may have useful contacts). Without boring people, take advantage of seeing the people you don’t meet up with during the year.

• Reflect on your achievements: It’s been a difficult year, so congratulate yourself on your efforts!

• Understand that by this time next year things will be different: Whether they’re better or different next year, make sure you purposefully enjoy this festive period and all it brings.

I hope you have a restful and enjoyable break this year, leaving you refreshed and energised for your next challenge. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2012!

Daniella Morrison is an experienced digital marketer who drives business results for clients through online channels. She provides a bespoke consultancy service to help small businesses engage purposefully with their online audiences and reach business goals. Reach Daniella at or check out her blog.