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Sunday World | Good things come to those who work

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I commented on a recent Sunday World article about Career & Job Hunting Tips for success in 2010. Below is the text from the article on 14th February 2010.


Paul Mullan founded and manages Measurability, a career advice firm. He has vast experience in Career Coaching, Interview Coaching, CV Writing, Recruitment, Psychometric Testing and Outplacement Services in the UK and Ireland.

Paul’s top tips ……..

Engage in Real World Networking

You might think that you are getting out and about in terms of networking but according to Paul Mullan you could have missed the mark. “At least half of all job opportunities are not advertised and can only be accessed through job hunting strategies like networking,” says Paul. “Engage with family, friends and old work colleagues. Grow your network and increase your visibility”.

Embrace Social Media Networking

You might be a fan of Facebook but have you tired online networking for the sake of your career? Linkedin is a business-orientated social networking for professional networking. “It is an essential part of your job hunting toolkit,” say Paul. “If you haven’t joined then do so”.

Start thinking Personal Brand

You might think of yourself as just one link in a long chain but Paul advises to start seeing yourself as more individual and start marketing yourself like a product. “The future of your career is about developing a personal brand. Whether you are an employee or self-employed you have to start thinking like an entrepreneur. Identify what you are passionate about and good at and elevate yourself to be an expert in this area”.