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Sell “YOU” and win 2 hours FREE coaching

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The ability to sell “YOU” is critical for success in this job market. Contrary to belief, selling yourself is not frowned upon, and it actually expected. I wrote an article on this topic recently.

Unfortunately many job seekers struggle on two fronts. (a) Struggle to identify their successes/achievements (lack of understanding) and (b) Struggle to communicate successes/achievements (uncomfortable talking about).

This competition is a bit of fun, but has a serious element too – it focuses on the above points. It will force you to think about, and identify, key achievements/successes. It will force you to communicate them. And more!! It will force you to action online, to help potential opportunities find you.

Post a comment below outlining 3 (or more) life, career, business or education successes/achievements. Ideally a few lines detail on each. (Add your Linkedin  or Twitter to comment)

You could win 2 FREE hours 1-1 coaching (phone or face-face). NB: If prize doesn’t interest you, then offer to a friend.

1. You MUST be a member of Measurability Careers & Jobs Club, be a fan of Measurability or follow me on Twitter.
2. You MUST comment must be posted below by 22nd of September 2010.
3. You MUST add a Link to your LINKEDIN PROFILE or TWITTER PROFILE to your comment.