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Jobseeker? 5 Ways to Use December Downtime to Your Advantage

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It is a truth universal acknowledged that December is the time of year when all job searching slows down, is it not? That HR personnel and recruiters are too busy enjoying mince pies and mulled wine is the accepted wisdom, however if you’re a seasoned or experienced jobseeker (or just one who knows their industry well), you’ll know that there’s no such thing as ‘downtime’ when you’re on the lookout for your next challenge!

So, whilst other candidates take December off, bemoaning the fact that ‘nothing happens’ during the month, here’s some tips to create opportunities and position yourself ahead of the crowd:

1. Schedule your January. Don’t wait for the New Year to arrange meetings – be first out of the gates and review your contacts, reach out and arrange a meet up in early January before things get too hectic. Catch people when they’re relaxed after the break, less harried and their to-do lists have yet to fill up.
2. Send Christmas cards! Think of everyone who has helped you in your job search to date (i.e., recruiters, contacts, HR specialists) and keep yourself front of mind by including a note thanking them for their work.
3. Review your efforts. What have you learned during your job search? What have you accomplished? What was successful? What needs improvement? What haven’t you done? What do you know has worked for others? Put a plan together to turbo-charge your efforts in January.
4. Learn. If the phone isn’t ringing for you, use the time to learn more about your industry, research companies you’d like to work for, take any online training you can and stay abreast of industry and economic news so you can reference this at your next interview.
5. Keep job searching. Nothing truly stops in December (as with August, when companies will still hire) though the pace may differ. If you’re a strong candidate, they’ll want to meet you. This may mean an informal chat in December, or an interview scheduled for January. Take advantage of the fact that there will be fewer candidates actively engaged and get yourself noticed by those that count.

December may seem like a ‘quiet’ time in your job search but those thinking strategically will use it to their advantage – and that’s you, isn’t it!

Daniella Morrison is an experienced digital marketer who drives business results for clients through online channels. She provides bespoke consultancy services to help small businesses engage purposefully with their online audiences and reach business goals. Reach Daniella at or check out her blog.