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Has your job search stalled? Read this….

Below are 10 tips to help get a stalled job search moving again. This is an article I wrote for RecruitIreland towards the end of 2009. Hope you find the advice useful. For an additional 10 tips check out “10 MUST DO actions to revitalise your job search

  • Be honest – Many jobseekers say they are job hunting but review tells a different tale. Some kid themselves while others work with limited knowledge about how to successfully job hunt. You need to be honest with yourself. If you are not putting in the effort then increase your activity. If you don’t know how to search effectively then seek help and support.
  • Avoid negativity – Surround yourself with positive people and minimise time spent with glass half empty people. Positive people have energy and ideas whereas negative people suck the goodness away. Aside from people, focus on positive newspaper articles, TV or radio.
  • Write down your success list – Confidence and self belief can be continually eroded during a job search. It is essential to remind yourself about previous successes as a way of maintaining confidence. A great way to do this is write down all your successes – 100 if you can. Read this list at the beginning of each day or when you are feeling beat. Try it – you will be surprised!!
  • Record activity – If you don’t already have one then set up a recruitment log today. You need to record activity and review regularly to highlight what is working and what is not. Your recruitment log acts as your job hunting compass allowing you spend more time on the right path/strategy and take a different path/approach when you are off track. You cannot improve your results if you don’t know what needs fixing.
  • Stop cutting corners – If you are sending the same CV and cover letter for every application then STOP. You are cutting corners and this is costing you potential interviews. I am amazed at how many jobseekers tell me they don’t have the time to tailor CVs and cover letters.
  • Stop hiding behind your computer – There are excellent online strategies to source a new job including job boards and social media networking but real world human interaction should not be ignored. When you are meeting people and talking to people you are opening yourself to ideas, leads and powerful information. Remember to be alert as you interact with people everyday.
  • Phone 10 people today – Target easy calls initially including ex-work colleagues, friends and relatives. Your goal is to get a job but any conversation can deliver information to maintain momentum. Remember if people don’t know you are looking they can’t help you.
  • Join Linkedin – This is a popular tool for professionals to network. Once you join you can create a profile, connect with contacts, develop your connections and join online network groups. The important point is to make yourself visible online. Help employers find you. You can join Measurability Jobs & Careers Club.
  • Add a signature to your email – Set up a signature on your email account including – Name, contact details, what you do (e.g. HR Professional seeking Permanent & Contract Generalist roles) and Your Linkedin Profile. You never know who might read this or want to get in contact.
  • Don’t forget to take a break – Too much can be counterproductive. We all need a break to recharge our batteries and when job hunting it is no different. Walk on the beach, go for a run or go to the gym. I find that exercise revitalises me and it also reduces stress.
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