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Give your New Year Job Search a Boost

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Below are a few ideas to give your job search a boost in January….

80/20 rule for job search – Ensure you are spending 80% of your time targeting unadvertised jobs and 20% of your time targeting advertised jobs. Attack the job market with proactive strategies like networking, social media networking, speculative applications, and volunteering.

Stop hiding behind your CV – A CV offers a fraction of the information required to make a hiring decision. Develop and implement strategies to take the focus away from your CV.

Ask your way to success – Start asking more questions!! Start asking for feedback!!

Learn how to sell – If you can’t sell yourself then no one else will do it for you.

Set targets/Monitor performance – Don’t float along in your job search with no idea about what is working for you or with no tangible targets. Start planning your activity and setting challenging targets. Start recording your results.

Avoid “Doom & Gloom” –With all the talk about the economy, the banks, volcano ash, and snow it would be a reasonable request for permission to stay in your bed. You need to switch off from the negativity and set up a selective information filter that only digests positive news stories.

Become Social Media savvy – Social Media has changed how we job search and how we manage our careers. Embrace tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, and FaceBook.

Upskill – Add to your armory to increase our attractiveness to potential employers. Use out of work time to up-skill or retrain.

Revisit old leads/contacts –It is essential to stay on the radar because out of sight means out of mind. Revisit companies you have previously targeted as circumstances change. You may have been pipped at the post for a job BUT the selected candidate may not have worked out.

Be polite/Help others – Go out of your way to help people during your job search. Start sending email or posted thank you notes to interviewers, recruiters, people you meet at networking events. Send a Happy New Year note to family and friends.

Go get the “feel good” factor – Volunteer for a “not for profit” or worthwhile cause offering your professional skills or general support.

Feel free to join my interactive group for jobseekers on LinkedIn “Measurability Careers & Jobs Club”. You can also follow me on Twitter – Paul Mullan.